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Free Medical Care

  • Denying healthcare to a poor man is same as ignoring his physical and mental plight, who probably cannot go to work due to his illness and his family is forced to starve because there is no income source to ensure their living.
  • Charitable organizations working in the health industry believes that a different kind of healthcare system is possible in our world, where every patient could benefit from advanced medical treatment regardless of their social standards or financial ability to pay.
  • Charitable organizations are working not only to treat diseases but to provide long term solutions to improve health. These organizations have brought about a revolutionary change by introducing medical crowdfunding platforms, to make sure that donors can reach out to the patients directly with their generous support.
  • At the same time, these organizations are also troubleshooting the trust issues, that usually occurred when people are willing to donate to help the poor but hesitate to take any action, because they are afraid if their donations would be used properly. This is because they were not updated about the successful outcomes of their contribution, through the traditional method of fundraising in the past.
  • Charitable organisations at present are more focused on building a personalized donor-recipient relationship, where the donors can choose the beneficiary they want to help and at the same time can check how their donations are spent just by visiting the official websites of the organisation's.
  • Charitable organisations are working solemnly to bring a positive healthcare transformation, which will be driven based on the values of humanity and not money.
  • These organizations are dedicatedly working to establish a system where no patients would be refused for healthcare, because of their poor financial state. These organizations have dared to build a healthcare system, where human lives are respected and valued more than materialistic benefits.

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